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Dear Alex & Lorry

As preparation is everything please use this custom listing website as a source of support as you move towards selling your home. It’s imperative that we use the time we have to ensure all preparations are made so we can present your home in the absolute best light. That way we can appeal to the masses and in turn, have multiple people fall in love with your gorgeous home. I look forward to having the opportunity of supporting you both in this next step of your lives, and I don’t take that lightly.

My best, 



A little about me.

My passion has always been people. I have dedicated my entire career to establishing and building long lasting relationships through hard work and honesty. Buying and selling real estate can be a very stressful endeavour. This is understandable as it is probably the single largest transaction that you will make in your life. My job is to help make this process easier. Clarifying the many steps and reviewing current market conditions will help you build confidence so that you feel comfortable and educated when the time comes to make that move. I will help to accomplish this through constant communication and by being accessible when you need me. And most importantly I hope we can build a great friendship and have a laugh along the way! My passion has always been people. I have dedicated my entire career to establishing and building long lasting relationships through hard work and honesty. After I graduated from the University of British Columbia I returned to Ontario to live and work in the GTA, and have witnessed the substantial growth and transformation that this great city has undergone. And when I get the chance I still pursue my passion for sports, music, art and photography.

Five star reviews.

I had the best experience of my home-buying life working with Candice. She helped me through all the hurdles and difficulties with great care and expertise. Couldn't recommend her and the team enough.
Bill Halliday
Bill Halliday
Candice, Jason, and the team took such good care of us while we were buying a new home AND selling our old place (which they also helped us buy). They helped us understand and navigate the market, and keep us informed of houses that were perfect for us until we found our place. They are excellent communicators and were always there to help us with any questions, big or small. There's no question that we'd work with them again, although I'm pretty sure they found us our forever home.
Dave Proctor
Dave Proctor
When you're buying or selling a house - either yours to live in or an investment property - what do you actually want from your realtor. Put aside the fact that yes they should be nice and yes they should answer your texts, that's the minimum for entry. What you really want is knowledge and wisdom. And this is more than just pulling reports. It's someone who is so embedded in real estate they feel how the market is moving from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and street to street. They understand that staging in a two-bedroom in Leslieville needs to be different than a new build in the Beach. And beyond that, it's the instant access to all the experts from finance to staging to moving and insurance. You want these experts to be vetted and recommended. This is what you're signing up for when you work with Candice, Jason and their team. Do you like feeling cared for? Do you appreciate white glove service? Do you value being in relationship with someone who has all the right answers to your questions? Is being confident in the biggest financial transaction of your life worth having the right partners by your side? If yes, then you know you've already found the right real estate professionals to support you in either your personal home purchase or investment property. You've read this far, what are you waiting for? Call Candice and Jason now.
Mathieu Yuill
Mathieu Yuill
We worked with Candice and Jason eight years ago when we purchased a condo in Toronto. This spring, we again called upon their expertise to help sell the condo. We have always found them to be skilled, professional, honest and truly dedicated to providing their clients with the best service possible.Thank you Schott & Co!!
Tara Pentney
Tara Pentney
Candice and Team are true professionals. Very supportive, excellent advice, followed through on all their commitments and DELIVERED! Would definitely recommend the Schott Team.
Kathy Uher
Kathy Uher
I love working with Candice and Jason. Outgoing, generous, great communication skills and attentive to my needs and concerns. I highly recommend them! What a joy it was to work with them!!!!
Nathalie Nadon
Nathalie Nadon
Highly recomended!!! Extremely dedicated team, always going above and beyond. Recently purchased our second home through them and we will not hesitate to call Jason again if we decide to purchase another property. Their after sales services are also impeccable. They give you their honest opinion and they never push you in making a desicion. Absolutely love them!!!
Michaela Sasalova
Michaela Sasalova
Working with Jason to find my first home was an amazing experience and almost a year after we found my first house together Him and Candice continue to wow me! It was by chance that I started working with Jason but I am glad I did. It being my first time really diving into the market he took a no-pressure approach to our house hunting efforts which made me feel very comfortable. And once we finally viewed enough houses and I felt knowledgeable enough to put in an offer we secured the house, on our first offer ever! Post purchase they have hosted cooking classes, Axe throwing, Movie nights etc which are always so much fun.
Jordan McCoskey
Jordan McCoskey
The most amazing and hard working agents we have ever encountered. The value we received for our condo totally surpassed our expectations. Candace and Jason are so engaged and respond within minutes to any queries we had. They work alongside the best staging company ...almost wanted to keep it as it was so beautiful! We would recommend to anyone looking for a hard working team. They will deliver!
Lisa Tarnowsky
Lisa Tarnowsky
Thank you Candice for your help. I recommend Schott Team.
Zahra Jalalizand
Zahra Jalalizand

My Commitment To You

I promise to help you understand the ins & outs and the nuances of the selling process. I will define appropriate target Buyer(s) with you, to establish the best asking price for your home. I will market your home to find the right Buyer, obtain offer(s) and negotiate it on your terms. I will guide you through all the paperwork and the queries along the way, support you continuously throughout the process and beyond. I will be investing in optimizing digital marketing efforts and implementing marketing and technology that is very much so at the forefront of the industry. I will enforce COVID-19 PPE best practices to sell your home for the most amount of money, as quickly as possible while keeping your family’s health and safety top of mind. I will always be honest, direct and tell you the truth, even if it is really what you might not want to hear.

Workback Schedule

In order to be completely prepared for the launch of the listing, and to limit the stress during the live listing period, it is best we do as much as we can ahead of time to ensure the listing compels the most amount of buyers from the get go. We will work together to put together a proposed timeline to show you when we would have to get started in order to go live on your desired date. This will include dates where I would arrange for a staging consult, the cleaner to come in, a handyman for any repairs, staging day, photographer, videographer, etc. See below as an example. 

  1. Sign Exclusive Agreement

    We would sign the Exclusive Agreement so I can begin to market your home as coming soon via all online marketing and social media channels to create pre-MLS exposure. We would use this time to prepare your home so it presents in the best light possible.
  2. For Sale Sign Install

    We would have a for sale sign installed with. a coming soon rider, so your neighbours know your home will be for sale soon. Oftentimes your neighbours know others looking to get into the area.
  3. Staging and Home Improvement Consult

    This consult will consist of going through your home with my Professional Stager to discuss items to pack away, items to fix and items to replace so your home stands out from the competition in today's market. From here we would schedule time with any vendors i.e. handymen, plumbers, electricians, and/or contractors to figure out a schedule and budget so your home is ready for launch on the day we decide on. I will project manage any items necessary to make it as easy and seamless as possible on you.
  4. Vendor's Workback Schedule

    I will manage any vendors coming in to do work, usually we can get this completed in 1-2 weeks depending how much work needs to be done. This start and end date will be based on availability of vendors and I will keep everyone on track for our deadline and ensure the work is completed and of acceptable workmanship.
  5. Pre-List Cleaning

    I will send a cleaner in for a deep clean, including windows and doors, baseboards and more!
  6. Staging Install

    My professional Stager and her team will take about 2-3 hours to stage your home to ensure it appeals to the taste of the masses, to attract as many Buyers as possible. Click the arrow below to see their website.
  7. High Resolution Photos & Lifestyle Videography

    We use only the best in the industry to highlight the beautiful features of your home with comprehensive floor plans, high resolution photography and lifestyle videography. This will be the foundation of your home's marketing that will draw the public in. The first time someone will fall in love with your home is online afterall! Click on the arrow below to see our Media Company Partner.
  8. Launch to MLS

    Listing Period
    After reviewing all the data from the previous 2 weeks concerning every recent listing/sale in the area on what their listing/pricing strategy was and how many showings and offers that yielded. We will then decide on the most effective and efficient listing/pricing strategy and launch your home to the market. We will have just listed postcards sent out to the homes in your area, launch the social media ad campaign, launch to the globally syndicated real estate portals and launch to all brokerages and agents Ontario-wide.
  9. Hold Open Houses

    Listing Period
    We will hold open houses as much as possible to expose the home not just to those with realtors but those searching on their own. This is in an effort to capture both active and inactive Buyers. The open houses will be advertised on, MLS, and all social media ad campaigns.

Seller's Homework

The following activities will lead the most impact on the return of selling your property.
Decide on a timeline

Once we have a timeline in place we will sign the paperwork so I can start going to work for you and your family. 

Depersonalize and Declutter

This will help kickstart all the other pieces of preparation. Should you need any vendors surrounding packing, storage, movers etc. I have a database of service people I would be happy to recommend and arrange for you. 

Trust me

To provide you the most seamless and advantageous experience in selling your home, through a high level of service that is truly hard to find in the real estate industry.

Comparable Sales

Properly pricing your property has a major impact on the level in interest you will generate and ultimately the sales price you will achieve for your listing. The sales of comparable listings is the best measure of value and helps to identify a fair market value range. Properties being introduced to the market are best placed in the right pricing position relative to recent comparable sales.

Available Competition

In a today’s market, the current competition is as important, if not more important as the most recent comparable sales.  Buyers will be viewing and comparing competing properties to your unit. They will make offers based on which one they feel has the most to offer them and provides the best value and will be monitoring sales that occur during the listing period for your property.

Target Market

There are certain factors that will really attract your ideal Buyer. Things like location, schools, amenities, finishes and more.

Primary Target Market: Young professional couple, growing family moving up, first-time home buyer.

Secondary Target Market: Investor, foreign investor.

Pricing Strategy

The importance of pricing "right".

Your pricing strategy lays the foundation for both the quantity and quality of the potential buyers that your listing will attract. 

Below you will find the advantages and disadvantages of each pricing strategy as well as the percentage of buyers you can expect for each.

List Above Market aka Lofty List


  • It provides built-in room for price negotiation.
  • Allows Seller to reassure themselves that money hasn’t been left on the table.


  • Can discourage knowledgeable, qualified Buyers.
  • Can actually help sell other, reasonably priced homes.
  • Tends to cause homes to languish on the market to eventually attract low-ball offers.
  • In order to find new segments of Buyers if the property does not immediately sell, you will need to reduce the price in significant chunks. Often reductions are then needed by upwards of 10% to attract a fresh Buyer pool.

Market Value Pricing


  • Attracts qualified Buyers who can afford the property.
  • Efficient timeline on market.
  • Encourages knowledgeable Buyers to act before property sells to someone else.
  • Most Effective strategy to generate multiple offers from qualified Buyers.
  • As pricing is an inexact science, should the price err on the side of low then multiple Buyers will be attracted, usually generating a higher selling price.


  • Fear of the unknown. Could it have sold for more?
  • “Missing out” on the hype that underpricing may generate but tends not to result in a higher selling price.

Listing Under Market Value


  • Generates a great amount of interest and offers.
  • Lots of excitement and showings.


  • Risk of getting only lower offers.
  • Attracts Buyers qualified for lower price ranges.
  • In heat of activity, Buyers have been known to purchase beyond their capacity, not really being able to afford the property and looking for subsequent abatements or renegotiations.
  • Risk being overlooked by the qualified Buyers who aren’t looking at homes that low in price.
  • Alienates fatigued Buyers not wanting to participate in multiple offers or activities deemed “realtor games”.

Pricing strategy results.

Price vs Buyers

Priced Correctly
Percentage of Potential Buyers 80%
Over Priced by 10%
Percentage of Potential Buyers 50%
Over Priced by 15%
Percentage of Potential Buyers 20%
Over Priced by 20%
Percentage of Potential Buyers 10%

Price vs Days on Market

5 Days on Market
List to Sale Price 100%
10 Days on Market
Percentage Drop 95%
20 Days on Market
Percentage Drop 90%
20 Days on Market
Percentage Drop 90%

Key Selling Features

HOODQ Neighbourhood Report

I have invested in a system called HoodQ which provides any buyers or agents that are interested in your home with any and all neighbourhood information including schools (with ratings), parks and amenities, transit and emergency services for your address. This

Stunning staging.

We’re all guilty of judging a book by it’s cover.​ When we shop online, we often choose to buy the product that has nicer pictures because we inherently trust that listing more. When we go to the store to buy products, we usually pick the ones with nicer, more organized labeling.

Thinking about your home’s best features will help you highlight them by putting more effort into staging them. If you have a beautiful deck with a great view, for example, spend time cleaning up and staging the deck as the perfect leisure space. By making sure those features shine, you’ll be making your home irresistible. 
The importance of staging a home can go beyond looks. When potential buyers have very positive first impressions of your home and can envision themselves in the best spaces of your home, they’ll see your home as more valuable. Highlighting your home’s best features can also increase the value. 

Homes that have been staged have an increased chance of getting offers over the asking price than those that have not been staged. Agents from the National Association of Realtors found that staging your home could boost your offers by 5%. For me, it’s always worth investing in your home to net you more on the sale of your home.

Status certificate.

As a Home Inspection Report details the physical condition of any freehold real estate being considered for purchase, a Status Certificate outlines essential written information about a condominium necessary for Buyers to understand in order to make an informed purchase decision.

What is a Status Certificate? A Status Certificate provides a detailed picture of the fiscal health and other pertinent information regarding a specific condominium and its corporation, as of a particular date.

When should a Status Certificate be obtained? Astute owners that are about to list a condominium are well advised to have a Status Certificate available during the marketing period for potential buyers to consider before they submit an offer.  This will help to give Buyers’ more confidence to pay more and give firm offer(s).

Marketing Tactics

Coming soon to MLS
Pre-Listing Posting
cq5dam.web.3600.3600 (4)
For Sale Sign
Floor Plans
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Feature Sheets
Feature Sheets
Global Syndication
Global BHHS Website
Global BHHS Website
Lifesyle Videography
Matterport 3D Tour
Just Listed Postcards
Social Media Ads
Social Media Ads
Lifestyle Videography

Custom Listing Website

Service Fee

We are a full service office and charge a fee based on the success produced by our efforts. If we don’t generate an acceptable offer, then we don’t collect any fee.

We earn our service fee by using past experience, an eye for detail, proven marketing and negotiation skills to help guide you through the process and to make the best decisions.

You can pay $99 to sell a house on MLS now. However, we know that we provide solid value for our service fee. We separate ourselves by focusing on all process details, making sure we tilt the table in your favour at every opportunity, creating value for you and the greatest return on the sale of your home.

Details matter.

Whether it is advice on the right staging to attract the targeted Buyer or the subtle nuances noted when a Buyer’s agent says too much, you need us on your team to ask the right question, listen when it is time to keep our mouths shut and then take decisive action at the right time.

What is most important… paying a low service fee, or generating the greatest net profit from the sale of your home?

Properties being introduced to the market are best placed in the right pricing position relative to recent comparable sales.

What I Charge

My total commission is 5% +HST (half going to me, and half to the buyer’s agent).

You should note that there will be absolutely no additional costs to you, apart from the homework/to-do’s mentioned.

This means that all styling, photography, floorplans, home inspection, video tour, online and offline marketing is covered by my fee.

See the links below for some of our sample marketing resources.

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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